Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Hey people, I'm back!
I'm here with some new information.
First up, I'm super sorry that I haven't been posting for so long.
Also some of my friends know this and some don't, but, I recently got back together with my boyfriend. He's such a nice person and he's my age! I miss being able to talk to him at night because we're dealing with a long distance relation ship, and he moved to Switzerland from Canada. I've been together with him 2 times before this. We've been together for about 3 months now, hoping that we can see each other on his birthday which is coming up in a few weeks! I'm not really even 30% sure we're going to get to see each other in real life for quite awhile. Also our relationship is kinda on the edge because (as everyone that's married/is a couple that is reading this post RIGHT now knows that every good relationship starts/ends with a bit of fighting) we've been fighting...
For my very last information I want to say that I found an Anime (http://justdubs.tv/) called Tokyo Ghoul, the picture down below is the main character of the show, Kaneki with his mask on.
Well that's it for today <3 hope to see you all again soon! -Julia

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